Events & Workshops

Learn about our expert-led seminars & hands-on workshops scheduled for the coming months.
Most of the events are FREE, do not require registration and are held in the Events Area.

Please note: While we are a dog-friendly store, it is possible that for some events and circumstances, we may ask that dogs be removed. Dogs are not allowed in the Garden Cafe or in our seasonal hospitality areas. Working service dogs are an exception and are always welcome. Please refer to our Pet Policy for more information. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Soul Soil!

March 25, 10-11am

Randy Ritchie

Let’s create and grow beautiful and thriving organic soils and composts at home for your garden, beds and plots. The key to a healthy organic garden is healthy soil. This class explores making compost and mixing soils at home, as well as building the soil in your garden. The biology; the microbes and the larger micro-organisms are the key to sustaining our planet, our soil and our gardens.

Sprouts Session here at Molbak's featuring our friends from Woodland Park Zoo

March 25, 12-1pm

Our monthly session here at Molbak's is just for kids is hosted by our friends from the Animal Ambassador Program at Woodland Park Zoo! We look forward to seeing you here! 

In Your Edible Garden with Lisa Taylor

April 1, 10-11am

Lisa Taylor

Our monthly series with urban gardener Lisa Taylor! Make this year the best your edible garden has seen. Lisa shares practical advice and simple tricks to growing healthy, organic fruits and veggies no matter the size of your garden or depth of your garden knowledge! Great for beginners or experts!   

Gardening for Pollinators

April 15 , 10-11am

 David Droppers

David will enthusiastically introduce you to the world of butterflies, and how inviting them into your backyard will reveal how they are connected to a number of other species of urban and suburban wildlife.  Not only will participants learn about what plants to include in their garden to attract butterflies, but they will get a glimpse into butterfly biology – how they see the world, what additional resources they need, all centered on how to design your garden for maximum attraction.  Watch your garden come alive with bloom and wings! 

Right Plant, Right Place

April 15, 12-1pm

Jeff Daley

Successful gardening starts with selecting the right plant for the right place.  In this seminar you will learn the variables you need to be aware of in your own garden to ensure the best possible outcome for your plants.  Discover new possibilities for your garden with Jeff Daley! 

Sustainable Northwest Natives

April 22, 10-11am

Peggy Campbell

Enjoy beauty sustainably with Northwest native plants. Naturally suited to our wet winter / dry summer climate, discover these low-maintenance, water-saving wonders. Peggy Campbell shares sun-loving and shade-preferring favorites, and tips for starting them off right in your garden.

Rain Gardens

April 22, 12-1pm

Keri Detore  

Rain pounds the Pacific Northwest, gushing through dirty downspouts, across chemically treated lawns, over oily streets and through public storm drains into bays, rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands where nature struggles to survive among the pollutants. It’s a problem caused by population density and it’s one that you can help solve. Join us for this talk and book signing to learn how you can plan, install and maintain your own healthy, beautiful rain garden! Talk and book signing. 

Heirloom Veggies

April 23, 10-11am

Bill Thorness

What was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite lettuce? Which fabulous old tomato varieties do Pacific Northwesterners love to grow? What heirloom vegetables found their way to Washington state with native peoples or settlers? Bill Thorness, author of Edible Heirlooms: Heritage Vegetables for the Maritime Garden and Cool Season Gardener, will share heirloom photos, stories and good growing techniques to get the most flavor and nutrition from your edible garden. He will talk about how to perpetuate this legacy, including methods to save your own seeds and share them with friends. He will bring heirloom vegetable seeds to share, and invites the audience to bring seeds as well. After the talk, he will sign copies of his books.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

April 23. 12-1pm

Randy Ritchie, Malibu Compost

Spring is the best time for gardeners who yearn to be organic, or who are already growing organically to focus on true organic gardening. This class aims to help take all of the confusion out of Organics. How can we best transition our gardens organic, sustain them organically and what “Organic” products work well together, are safe, truly organic and effective for the largest variety of garden types and plant varieties. This class is a must for all natural and organic gardeners!

Easy Peasy Edibles

April 23, 2-3pm

Jessi Bloom

Have you wanted to grow your own food but found it is too much work and takes too much of your time? Join award-winning landscape designer Jessi Bloom as she talks about a permaculture design concept that employs design strategies from nature. It allows you to grow easy peasy edibles that are low-maintenance, resilient and sustainable. Plant once and enjoy the harvest from your edible landscape for years. Bloom will cover basic food forest design and go over some of her favorite low-maintenance edibles.

Sassy or Classy? Containers to Fit Your Style

April 29, 10-11am

Karen Chapman

When it comes to color schemes for container gardens the only limitation is your imagination. Join award winning author and designer Karen Chapman and learn how to add the bold, sassy factor or create a chic, elegant look in this fun planting demonstration